IPP 2018


Vous avez 19 ans et plus (sans limite d’âge)

Vous pouvez participer cet été à un

International People's Project,

programme CISV en collaboration avec une association implantée localement


Brésil (7 au 28 juillet 2018) 

Zoom up : Photography, empowerment and Down Syndrome

While working with "Galera do Click", this IPP will see that art can be a powerful tool for inclusion and empowerment. Participants will learn about the art of photography, sharing this experience with people with Down Syndrome. The participants will have the opportunity to see the world through their lenses, sensibility and understand their unlimited capacity. Together, they will capture moments, people and things around São Paulo to create an exhibition of work. Plus d'informations...


Danemark (8 au 22 juillet 2018) 

Listen and Learn : Understanding barriers to integration

This IPP will look at look at the experience of integration and help participants to develop an understanding of their role within national and international integration issues. Participants will listen to the experiences of individuals experiencing barriers to integration in Danish society. They will reflect on the different approaches to integration used globally, then together with the affected communities, develop tools that aim improve their situation. Plus d'informations... 

Italie (13 au 27 juillet 2018) 

More than words : Creating inclusive communities

This IPP will look at how to make a world that everyone is more at ease living in. The regeneration of a local park, through the creation of artistic installations, aims to increasing its use and provide an inclusive space promoting integration amongst local residents and people with mental disabilities.  Through art activities and discussions with adults with disability, their carer’s and health staff, participants will build on their understanding about disability needs and rights and compare approaches to mental disability and integration from their own countries and cultures. 
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